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Our school has consecutively won the National Talent Training and Training Quality (TTQS) Gold Medal Award

In the amusement park, the Chingjiang Learning Center of Zhengda University develops various promotion education courses and coaches enterprises in Yunjia area to handle internal training. It also won the "Talent Development Quality Management System" (TTQS) gold medal issued by the Education Development Department of the Ministry of Labor of the Executive Yuan. Director Lin Jin of the Learning Center participated in the "2019 TTQS Gold Unit Granting Ceremony" on behalf of the school. In 2019, a total of 187 units across the country participated in the assessment, and only 40 units were awarded and awarded by the awarding institution, covering 12 companies and training institutions. The rate is only 2%. The Chingjiang Learning Center of Chung Cheng University has won the gold continuously, and has been highly recognized in the overall training quality and profit. It is a comprehensive university in Yunjianan area that has won this award!
Chingjiang Center uses the school's rich teaching and research resources to provide innovative and diversified lifelong learning courses, including formal academic programs, Lohas courses to improve the quality of life, and excellent corporate customized courses... etc. Curriculum planning is based on function-oriented and practical application. The content of the course meets the needs of students, and multiple teaching methods are used to effectively achieve the goal of "learning, change, and empowerment". The school actively develops and promotes educational digital learning courses. There are 105 courses in the school The digital courses and 39 digital textbooks have passed the digital learning certification of the Ministry of Education, ranking first and far ahead in the country, providing the public with flexible, convenient, and high-quality learning channels. Learning is no longer restricted to traditional classroom learning limited by the barriers of time and space. The new digital learning technology breaks the learning restrictions of time and space, and brings more convenient, richer and more diverse learning methods to the people.



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