Future Developments

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In e-Learning:
Short-term goals:
(1)   Continue to lead the nation in the production of e-learning teaching materials and curricula management.
(2)   Continue to lead the nation in masters-level e-learning programs for working students in numerous fields of study.
(3)   Offer high quality e-learning "recommended studies" curricula for accepted college students.
(4)   Promote quality e-learning materials and programs, share teaching materials, and offer cross-school elective courses.
(5)   Provide off-campus continuing educational programs, diverse ad-hoc project training, and course service.
(6)   Develop e-learning "Software as a Service" (SaaS) cloud system platform.
(7)   Strengthen student accumulated learning database (e-portfolio).
Medium-term goals:
(1)   Proactively assess courses for adaptability to e-learning, widen diversity of e-learning programs, and continuously produce high-quality digital teaching materials.
(2)   Strengthen sharing mechanism for e-learning materials, and provide more cross-school elective courses.
(3)   Promote e-learning programs, and strengthen secondary specialization of students.
(4)   Promote cloud e-learning and Web-Office for teachers.
(5)   Integrate competence management system.
(6)   Use Web 2.0 technology to create a learner-centered knowledge sharing platform.
 Long-term goals:
(1)   Move forward to the e-learning based teaching environment of the new century, and provide more e-learning degree programs and digital courses.
(2)   Integrate related social resources, with the aim of regional cooperation and sharing.
(3)   Assist enterprises with planning and management of their e-learning programs, according to their needs.
(4)   Provide necessary systems and tools for ubiquitous learning (u-learning).

In Continuing Education:
Short-term goals:
(1)   Integrate regional resources, and offer diverse courses.
(2)   Apply for government-subsidized projects.
Medium-term goals:
(1)   With the opening of the Continuing Education Building in Chiayi City, add more service locations.
(2)   Expand potential markets for e-learning courses.
Long-term goals:
(1)   Cooperate with Cyber CCU to promote online-learning continuing education courses.
(2)   Establish service locations for continuing education in other cities and counties of Taiwan.



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