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Customized Course

The society of the new century is a learning society. Therefore, the empowerment of citizens for lifelong learning has become a prime educational policy for this nation, in response to a world-wide trend. The purpose for establishing this Center is to fully utilize National Chung Cheng University’s abundant resources for teaching and research to develop, incorporating state-of-art digital learning technology, diverse study courses that are responsive to current and future global demands. It is our hope to serve society by promoting active participation in learning, and providing innovative opportunities for lifelong learning, to achieve the vision of active ageing.

Vision: to become the benchmark of lifelong learning
Mission: to look ahead the future 
Core Value: learning, chaning, empowering

1. incorporate in-the-school teaching resources and government’s resources to customize programs needed, and further effectively decrease the burden of enterprises to hold training
2. design projects for diverse professional seminars
3. understand the social trend and the need of customers
4. improve the resource network of continuing education and provide useful information

Customized Program
To increase the effectiveness of programs and decrease the burden of enterprises to hold training, we are able to provide related management service according to the need for industrial specialty, course design and teaching arrangement. 
1.Propose Enterprise propose the need for course
2.Plan Plan and arrange the training method and content
3.Discuss Enterprise and school discuss and revise the content
4.Apply Apply the subsidy provided by the government
5.Run & Evaluate Carry out the course
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Gold medal for TTQS of Workforce Development Agency in 2017 and 2019
A-class training division of Workforce Development Agency in 2018
Course Planning
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